Car Service Olomouc

Car & Truck Service provides all kinds of services for cars, trucks, commercial vehicles, working machines and agricultural machinery. The Service is equipped with modern facilities, quality tools and trained technicians with experience. We offer the best prices for repairs and spare parts. We care about customer satisfaction and comfort while waiting for car repairs.

  • Motor oil change
  • Gear oil change
  • Fluid replacement
  • Filter replacement
  • Servicing, repairs and replacement of brake
  • Repair and replacement of exhausts
  • Replacement of shock absorbers
  • Checking the hinges, pins, silent blocks and shoulders
  • Battery Replacement

Detailed overview of our services

Diagnostics of cars and vans
We are using the Bosch KTS 340 and FSA 740 as a diagnostic tool, developed for advanced services like ours. We believe that through advanced diagnostics we any problem and any of your requirements. More information and pricelist can be found here.
Guarantee Checks
We are providing guaranty checks on your vehicle as well as authorized service. In our car service we are authorized not only to perform a warranty inspection, but also to repair vehicles with a warranty. This way we can save you a lot of money. We meet the requirements of EU Commission Regulation No. 461/2010. You can find all the information about the guaranting tours here.

Air conditioning
Air conditioning service for cars and trucks. We provide air conditioning services for all cars. Check and perform regular maintenance of your car's air conditioning system. With regular maintenance, you will achieve trouble-free air conditioning, increase service life and reduce fuel consumption. Price for air conditioning service from 449 Kč. More information here.

Tire Service
We are providing tire services for any small vehicle. We can fix you tire or we can sell you a new tire.

Chiptuning - Modification of software of control units
Modification of the map in the engine control unit according to which the basic quantities are controlled: injection length, start of injection, turbocharger filling pressure, intake manifold vacuum, throttle position, etc. here.

Electrical Installation - installation of electrical systems.
We provide wiring to all cars. Install the PARROT handsfree for convenient phone calls while driving. Installation of parking assistants, installation of central locking, etc.

Brakes Service, repair and replacement of brakes.
We provide servicing of all cars brake systems. We supply quality replacement brake parts, either in original or in replacement. We supply all brands available on our market. We can repair the brake discs to extend their service life. Do not hesitate to contact our service and have a price offer to repair or service your car's braking systém.

Replacement of timing belts and water pumps.
We carry out the replacement of timing belts on all types of cars and vans. We have trained mechanics who know exactly what your car needs. Replace your timing belt to avoid any inconvenience that may occur after the belt breaks. We will advise when you need to replace the belt. Contact us!

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